now offers this web based email service to registered users.  Click on ENTER EMAILSTOP to continue.  Email based on other servers is not currently available at this site.  If you are not a registered user, you will find information regarding accounts at





Your account will need to enter the login name and password that you use on
Mail located on servers will be accessed by this web based service.


Remember that usernames are 8 characters or less and are all lowercase.
Also remember passwords are case sensitive. is a web interface to your email account, it lets you read / delete / forward the new mail that is waiting on your email account, attachments can be viewed or downloaded, and new messages can be sent, including attachments.

Unless you select the delete function, reading mail on this system will not delete it from your pop account, so you will be able to download it to your standard mail system when you get home.

You MUST have a email account to use this system. This system cannot be used with other ISP's or email providers systems.

Need a email account? Check out for more information on our services.

This site is currently experimental and being evaluated. Let us know if you find this feature useful!


Among the most important options is the Delete option. If you want your email to remain on the server after you check it, Do not delete after received. This would make sense, for example, if you normally use an email client to receive mail from that POP3 server, but are temporarily using webmail (for example, while on the road) and want all your mail left on the server for later retrieval by your usual client when you get back to the office.